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Tree of the Month December 2015

Tree of the Month: Noble Fir

Noble Fir, Abies procera.  Native to Washington and Oregan, it is typically used for small-scale forestry.  It is sometimes found in gardens, but is not an urban tree.  Growth is slow.  It is used as a Christmas tree in the UK.

Do You Need a Tree Report from a Qualified Arborist?

Cedarwood Tree Care are professional arborists for consultancy work and tree reports. We provide help and support with planning permission applications, BS5837:2012 tree reports, tree expert witness services and Tree Preservation Order disputes. We also provide a large number of additional services for people encountering tree problems or in need of tree advice, including mortgage reports and insurance reports for trees and site development surveys for building sites with trees.

Tree Witness Expert

Lead arborist Mark Chester holds the Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate, enabling him to provide Expert Witness support for court cases and tree disputes, including Tree Preservation Order breaches and compensation for tree damage. A recent case summary described Mark as "a very impressive and authoritative witness"Click to find out more about our professional tree expert witness services...

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

Tree preservation orders are applied by local authorities to protect trees deemed to be valuable to the environment. The trees are protected against removal and pruning. All maintenance work must be approved by the local authority and performed by accredited experts. If you are restricted by an existing TPO, or you are worried about a TPO breach, seek advice from a qualified arborist.

BS5837:2012 Tree Reports

Councils and local authorities often require BS5837 tree reports to support planning applications for building and developing sites with trees. The British Standard ensures national acceptance of what must be included in the tree report. The British Standards for tree reports was updated in 2012 and all reports created by Cedarwood Tree Care conform to this new standard.

A BS5837:2012 report assesses the condition and contribution of trees within a site, advises on tree retention and removal and instructs on tree protection as part of the development and during construction works. Sites may have one tree or one thousand. A site survey is imperative, and getting advice on your trees early can avoid costly mistakes as the project develops.